Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Invite your colleagues and customers to join ICPI and receive rewards!

You joined ICPI for many reasons, but chances are it didn't happen without a little nudge from a friend or colleague.  Simply tell your collegues why you joined, why you continue to be a member and how the contacts you'be made through ICPI have influenced your business. 

Annual Recruitment Awards
Every colleague you recruit into membership at ICPI counts towards recruitment awards simply by having them list your name on their membership application. 

  • Each new member sponsored – $50
  • Three new members – Engraved pen and pencil set
  • Five new members – ICPI Logo Embossed Sweater
  • Seven new members – ICPI Logo Embossed Jacket
  • Ten new members – ICPI Top Recruiter Plaque
  • Twenty new members – Top Recruiter 20 Member Plate
  • Thirty new members – Top Recruiter 30 Member Plate
  • Fifty new members – Top Recruiter 50 Member Plate
  • One hundred new members – Top Recruiter 100 Member Plate

Be sure the new member lists your name on their membership application to be recognized.  Once a year, ICPI will send recognition based on the total number of new members recruited during that period.  Here are some tools to help you recruit new members:

Membership Applications

Member Benefits Brochure

Please contact Alison Brosius, Manager of Membership and Administration at or (703) 657-6900 if you need assistance in sending membership information to a potential new member.