permeable pavement


What is permeable interlocking concrete pavement?

Permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) consists of manufactured concrete units that reduce Seattle WA PICPSeattle WA PICPstorm


How is a PICP surface cleaned and how often?

The openings in the surface of PICPs will require periodic removal of detritus and sediment trapped by the small sized crushed stone.


How well does the pavement perform in freeze and thaw conditions?

title title tielt tile: alt desctitle title tielt tile: alt descPICPs have been in service for years in freezing climates and have performed adequately.


What intensity and duration of storms can be managed?

It depends on the amount of water that drains onto the PICP, the depth (and storage capacity), the base, the infiltration rate of the soil under an open-graded base and the presence of drain pipes


Should a dense-graded or open-graded aggregate base be used under PICPs?

a view of houses in a neighborhooda view of houses in a neighborhoodAn open-graded base is most commonly used because it has water storage capacity (void s


Permeable Pavers

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