Speaker Expectations and Requirement

Segmental Concrete Pavement Industry Speaker Referral Service participants must:


  • Possess the ability to prepare and make public speeches
  • Have a record of accomplishments indicative of maturity and leadership
  • Strive to make presentation and materials as accurate, current, appropriate, and interesting as possible within the timeframe the presentation is allowed.


  • Direct promotion of a company’s products or services is not permitted in presentations or presentation materials made.
  • Ensure that company logos, product name and branding are limited to the first and last slides of any presentation.
  • Recognize that any handouts and information distributed are done with the intent to reinforce the learning objectives. 
  • Deliver the presentation as it relates to the learning objectives. 
  • Acknowledge and agree the ICPI Speaker Referral Service is provided only as an education and informational resource by ICPI.
  • ICPI will bear no liability for any injuries, damages or losses arising from or incurred by an ICPI Speaker Referral Service participant in relation to any speaking engagement offered by a selected ICPI Speaker Referral Service speaker. 
  • Acknowledge that the speaker’s content is the speaker’s own and does not represent or reflect the views or opinions of ICPI.  The speaker should include appropriate copyright notices on any materials used to evidence his or her ownership of copyright.
  • Must acknowledge receipt of and compliance with the ICPI anti-trust compliance policy