Stepstone, Inc.


For 50 years Stepstone, Inc. has worked with end users, builders and designers to create large scale pavers, stair tread systems, wall caps and pool coping to help make every project a success. Our handmade wet cast production system is readily adapted to meet new product demands. Over the years we’ve transformed creative ideas into new products and our commitment to innovation and collaboration with all Architectural and Design Communities continues. We will help you build your vision in concrete!


  • Narrow Modular Pavers
  • Large Scale CalArc Pavers
  • CalArc Pavers
  • Sonorastone® Pavers
  • Pedestal Set Roof Pavers
  • Drydeck® Pavers
  • Lightweight Roof Pavers
  • Dekstone® Pavers
  • Veneer
  • Garden Steps
  • Steptreads
  • Long Span Steptreads 
  • Pool Coping, Wall Cap, and Radiuses in Classic and Square Edge Styles
  • Designer Shapes – Waves, Hexagonal, Diamond and More! 


Handcrafting creates elegant finishes and a wide range of colors. Our concrete is engineered to be durable and require minimal maintenance. Contact one of our architectural sales consultants to define your options and clarify your performance expectations.


Stepstone, Inc. reclaims and recycles wastewater from our manufacturing process. Manufacturing waste is crushed and screened. Use of fly-ash as a cement replacement is available in almost all products.

Tech Specs