Techo-Bloc, Inc.

Techo-Bloc has been dedicated to creating spectacular landscape products since 1989. Design aficionados at heart, the belief in style with substance makes research and development both a core competency and a passionate pursuit. To that end, Techo-Bloc builds production facilities of the highest caliber and equips them with the latest technology, resulting in landscape and masonry products that are functional, durable, and beautiful. With varying color blends and surface textures, their durable concrete products capture the beauty of natural stone by incorporating ingredients such as granite and other fine quality aggregates. They also contain color throughout for a natural wear, are de-icing salt resistant, and are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty. Strength, quality, integrity, creativity, and passion: the belief in these values, combined with exceptional partnerships and employees, is what enables Techo-Bloc to fulfill its mission to create the most spectacular landscape products. Their commitment to researching & testing new techniques, challenging norms, and pushing for higher standards is redefining the industry. As a member of the ICPI, Techo-Bloc offers courses throughout the year in several locations. With a Record of Completion, these courses can be combined to earn and maintain certifications. Any questions can be addressed to

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Pavers and Sabs: ASTM C 936, CSA A231.1, CSA A231.2
Retaining Walls: ASTM C 1372
Masonry: ASTM C 90, ASTM C 1634, CSA A165.1, CSA A165.2

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