Cambridge Pavers, Inc.

Cambridge Pavers Inc. manufactures interlocking concrete pavers with ArmorTec®, which produces lasting beauty with rich color through & through. Cambridge offers a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles, that honor old world European beauty with our tumbled/distressed pavers, as well as clean, modern looks of today with a large variety of smooth and textured pavers. As an established manufacturer, we believe this industry is only in its infancy in this country. Therefore, each and every day we strive to stay ahead of the curve and meet the challenges that come with being an innovator and industry leader. Cambridge has grown beyond paving stones because outdoor living consists of more than just a surface area. It is the foundation of an extension of one’s home, and we believe we can offer a homeowner everything he or she needs to extend their living space beyond their four walls. Pre-Packaged and Pre-Cut Kits including, but not limited to, Fire Pits, Fireplaces, Kitchens, Grill Units, and Pizza Ovens, are just some of the products we offer in our extensive line of outdoor components. Located only fifteen minutes from New York City, Cambridge Center - the company's centralized manufacturing, distribution and customer service complex where our products are sold through an Authorized Distributor Network servicing over 20 states.

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