County Materials Corporation

County Materials is a leading Midwest manufacturer of high quality concrete landscaping and construction products for residential, commercial and municipal applications. The company manufactures a full line of hardscape products including tumbled and non-tumbled concrete pavers, permeable interlocking concrete pavers, grid pavers, Surefoot ADA compliant pavers and patio stones.

County Materials' H2O Pro Pavers can contribute toward a project's LEED accreditation, while offering a cost-effective and low impact system for managing storm water runoff and sediment and replenishing groundwater.

The company also manufacturers a large selection of attractive and durable hardscape products and accessories including retaining walls, garden wall units, aggregates and more.

County Materials is proud to work with exceptional landscape designers and installers to create award-winning landscape projects that have been recognized in regional and national hardscape competitions.

The family-owned, American-based company operates 44 locations. Visit for more information.

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