Foundation Proposal Guidelines


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  • To support, develop and conduct educational programs, seminars and courses intended
    to improve and develop the knowledge, understanding and professional abilities of those
    working within the interlocking concrete pavement industry as well as those in related
    industries with an interest in segmental concrete pavement.
  • To conduct studies and research and disseminate the findings to journals, conferences
    and industry forums; to provide information about segmental concrete pavement to those
    in the industry, as well as those in related industries, government officials, and interested
    members of the public.


The ICPI Foundation will give high priority to granting funds for research and education of

interlocking concrete pavement and permeable pavement systems that address the following

  1. Specific research into new engineering/architectural applications as well as programs that enhance segmental concrete pavement products, production efficiencies, design, life cycle costs, maintenance and performance, sustainable aspects of pavement (e.g., recycled materials, energy use/carbon emissions reduction, enhance air and water resources), as well as enhance urban and environmental design.
  2. Innovative curricula development and implementation by university faculty of segmental concrete pavement systems for civil engineering, landscape architecture and architecture students. (i.e., textbooks, software programs, online training modules).
  3. Research that increases construction and installation efficiencies through automated methods, especially those integrating factory production with on-site installation technologies.


Proposals to the Foundation may be solicited or unsolicited and they may involve research or

education projects and programs that advance the development and use of segmental concrete
pavement. Solicited proposals as a result of RFPs issued by the Foundation may be reviewed
by the relevant ICPI committee (as determined by the Program Committee) for recommendation
or non-recommendation for funding. Project proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation
Program Committee and this committee will make funding recommendations to the Foundation
Board of Trustees.



Each year, the Trustees will determine the amount available for grant allocations at the ICPI
Foundation Annual Meeting based on anticipated income from the endowment for the coming
fiscal year (beginning July 1st). The exact amount will vary annually since it depends on
investment income. Grant opportunities will be publicized on the ICPI Foundation web site by
March 1st, located at and in ICPI Foundation publications. The duration of the
grant will typically be a maximum of two years. Should project time extensions be necessary,
they can be requested at the appropriate time.

Applicants must provide a proposed budget and justification of costs. Grant funds can be used to pay for salary for faculty, stipends to graduate students or post-doctoral fellows, equipment, supplies and services and relevant travel required for the funded project. A grantee may be required to travel to present their work to the ICPI or ICPI Foundation at annual or summer meetings and this shall be budgeted accordingly. Applicants should identify the university overhead rate and how it will be applied to the project. Applicants also agree to disclose additional funding that may be required or that the applicant has obtained to co-fund the project. If additional funding is required from other parties, funding may be contingent upon all funding being secured.


The Trustees will review all grant proposals recommended by the Foundation Program
Committee at its spring meeting for the next fiscal year. Grant amounts will be determined by
funds available and the total amount of grants requested. All applicants will be notified in writing
of the Program Committee and Board of Trustees’ decisions. Neither a member of the Trustees
nor his/her company or employees shall be eligible for grant funding while in office. Grant
winners will be recognized in ICPI Foundation publications and web site.


The Foundation Program Committee reviews all applications for funding and makes funding
recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Grant application proposals must be submitted by
April 15 each year for consideration by the Program Committee. The Program Committee and
Trustees may, in their reasonable discretion, consider unsolicited, time-sensitive proposals that
do not conform to the regular application due dates.

Grants will be awarded in accordance with Board of Trustee established criteria and available
funds. Should a project receive a positive recommendation from the Program Committee and
endorsement from the Board of Trustees, a signed grant contract from the grantee is required in
order to receive funding. Please refer to Terms and Conditions at the end of this document that
include aspects that must be incorporated into the contract agreement. Submitting a grant
application proposal includes acceptance of these aspects into the contract should the
Foundation Trustees accept a proposal. From time to time the Board of Trustees will may, in its reasonable discretion, accept specific revisions to these terms based on university requirements for research and education grants.

Completed applications should be sent electronically to:
David R. Smith, Technical Director
ICPI Foundation for Educational and Research
14801 Murdock Street, Suite 230
Chantilly, VA  20151
Tel: (703)657-6900