Gagne and Son

Gagne & Son is a Maine-based family business with a compelling story. In 1945, the company became known for quality products and the highest level of customer service. The hard work and dedication of father and son team, Alfred and Pete Gagne, remains the cornerstone of the company's success. Today Gagne & Son is considered a leader in Maine's building and home improvement industry. Gagne products continue to be known for their timeless beauty, impeccable quality and the fact that they are made with the highest level of integrity.
There is a tradition of pride at Gagne & Son that began with the company's founding in 1945. This tradition is defined by a commitment to community, a commitment to people and a commitment to the best practices in the manufacturing of Maine-made hardscape, masonry and natural stone. We offer manufactured pavers and walls in a wide array of finishes and textures. Our product styles range from tumbled to traditional and can accommodate all styles and tastes. Gagne & Son artisans have elevated the product line to the highest architectural standards while keeping pace with current design trends. We continue to expand our capabilities with the highest level of quality control. Our manufacturing process is closely monitored, with exceptional attention to detail, under the watchful eye of experienced craftsmen who have spent a lifetime perfecting their craft. Every product must meet our standards which are second to none. No detail is overlooked.

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