ICPI Logo Guidelines

  • For use by members in good standing only.
  • The ICPI logo and trademark are property of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.
  • Only approved versions of the logo in color, grayscale, or white may be used in accordance with policy.
  • ICPI logos may not be revised or altered in any way, and must be displayed in the same form as produced by ICPI. 
  • The logo may be displayed on different (neutral) backgrounds, so long as those backgrounds do not conflict graphically with the clear appearance, readability and recognition of the logo.
  • No other colors may be used, nor may the logo be displayed on patterned backgrounds (such as polka dots, wavy lines, etc.) that alter its character and message. 
  • The logo is a graphic symbol, not a text character.  It is not to be used as part of a sentence or headline.
  • The logo may not be used without the term “member” except by the ICPI Headquarters.
  • It may be used in a professional manner on member company business cards, stationery, literature/brochures/folders, company advertisements, web site, store and vehicle windows, company merchandise such as hats, jackets, hardhats, shirts, etc., and in any professional manner to signify the user's membership.
  • The ICPI Logo may NOT be used in any manner that may reasonably be construed as the ICPI endorsing a member company, products or services.
  • Use of the logo MUST be discontinued should a member cancel membership in the ICPI.

Download the following ICPI logo files: