ICPI Offers Stipends for the 2016 PCA Professors’ Workshop

Concrete and cement are vital to the nation’s construction industry. Few construction projects can take place without cement somewhere in the design. As we think harder about the impact of the materials we choose for roads, buildings, bridges, or infrastructure projects, durable, sustainable, and economical concrete is almost always the right choice. PCA and concrete industry sponsors like ICPI are offering a workshop to help you teach the fundamentals of this building block to the next generation.

The Professors’ Workshop is designed to provide faculty in engineering, architecture, and construction management programs the tools to teach the latest developments in concrete design, construction, materials, pavements, and sustainability. The week-long event includes networking opportunities to facilitate exchanging ideas with professors from many universities. View the Workshop Schedule: click here. The registration fee for the workshop is $395 and includes hand-out materials, PowerPoint presentations, resource literature (with a value greater than $2,500), lunches, and receptions.

Space is limited to a first come, first served basis to those teaching about the engineering, economics, sustainability, design, construction, and performance of concrete. Visit www.cement.org or contact Michelle Wilson for more information.

ICPI has two $1,500 stipends that will be awarded to financially assist professors who want to attend the week long training. To be considered for the stipend the applicant must: 1. Teach at a university or college. 2. Teach a course in pavement design, construction or maintenance. 3. Attend the session on Interlocking Concrete Pavers on Friday morning. To be considered for the stipend please contact Anya Plana-Hutt, aplana-hutt@icpi.org and provide a resume or other documentation demonstrating the applicant teaches a course in pavement design, construction, or maintenance at a university or college. Applicants will be selected on a first come first served basis and will be notified shortly after ICPI has received the required documentation.