ICPI Summer Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available in Nashville

ICPI Summer Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities now available in Nashville Sponsorship Opportunities for the upcoming Summer Meeting in Nashville have been finalized and are open to reserve. As a sponsor of the 2016 Summer Meeting, you will have the opportunity to position your company as a leader and supporter of the industry and have your company's name and logo stand out and be viewed by all attendees throughout the meeting. If your sponsorship is received by Friday, July 8, 2016 your company will be recognized on all ICPI promotions for the meeting, including the meeting website, as well as on any signage and promotional materials provided during the meeting. Please note that no sponsorship is exclusive to one company. Also, please note that for all sponsored events, ICPI staff is responsible for all functions and will handle all arrangements with the hotel or venue, unless otherwise specified. ICPI’s Sponsorship opportunities range from $250-$2,500 and all include the following benefits:

• Prominent signage at the sponsored event recognizing your company as a sponsor

• Sponsorship ribbon recognition placed on company registrants badge

• Listing in 2016 ICPI Summer Meeting Program

• With early commitment, sponsor mention on the ICPI Website & Pre-conference promotion

• More benefits listed on the sponsorship form....

Click here to download the Sponsorship Form

Send your completed sponsorship form by Friday, July 8, 2016 to be recognized in the Summer Meeting onsite program and event website.

Final sponsorship forms are due by Friday, July 30 to be recognized on any signage and onsite promotional materials at the conference. Please fax (703-657-6901) or email the Sponsorship Form to ehobson@icpi.org with payment by July 8.