2018 Canadian Activities Meeting Addresses Ongoing Key Initiatives

November 20, 2018

The ICPI Canadian Activities Meeting took place on Monday November 5, 2018 at the Delta Airport Hotel in Toronto, ON. This meeting was renamed to recognize that it is a combination of the Canadian Planning Meeting and the Canadian Government Relations Subcommittee Meeting. Thirty-one members attended, in addition to Kristina Hausmanis, guest speaker from the City of Toronto, Andrew Pask, AP Public Affairs, and Charles McGrath and Robert Bowers from ICPI staff.

Mr. Bowers reported that he will be presenting a session about the PICP Inspection and Maintenance Check Lists at The Buildings Show on November 28 in Toronto, ON. Staff was asked to develop marketing materials that members could utilize to help promote the event.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities continues to be our main vehicle to reach the municipal market. To that end, ICPI has renewed its Corporate Partnership with FCM for an additional two years. The next FCM Annual Meeting will be in Quebec City, QC on May 30 – June 2, 2019. ICPI staff will be reaching out to producer members to see if they would be interested in staffing the ICPI booth during the trade show portion of their meetings.

Additionally, participation at the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) was discussed. TAC is a non-profit association that provides a neutral forum for discussing technical issues related to road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation. TAC brings together governments, private companies, academic institutions and other organizations in Canada. The consensus of the group was that ICPI should become a member of TAC to allow further networking opportunities to promote interlocking concrete pavement and permeable interlocking concrete pavement. Staff was also directed to do further research in exhibiting at future TAC conferences and sponsorship opportunities that would be paid for by the Canadian Activities Fund.

Andrew Pask delivered a report on activities with the City of Toronto and other municipalities. October was election season in British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba. The Toronto Council was reduced in size from 42+ councilors to 25 and the Mayor for the 2018-2022 term. This will require a restructuring of committees and it is expected several will be merged. When the City determines the composition of a committee that the Transportation Services Division reports to, Mr. Pask will draft an introductory letter from ICPI that members can sign and will request time for a briefing to discuss the paver tax and the request to remove the policy. Hopefully research data will be provided to prove the point that the maintenance fee is unnecessary. Consultation with City staff continues to schedule a PICP Symposium in Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC.

Staff delivered a report on the Canadian Activities Fund. In 2018, there were 13 Platinum Contributors and four Gold Contributors. The funds were used to sponsor a reception held at the FCM Annual Meeting in Halifax NS on June 2, 2018. Additionally, the group agreed funds would be spent to sponsor the Canadian Activities Meeting. The remaining funds are planned to be used at the PICP Symposiums in Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC in early 2019. Other opportunities planned for 2019 include a reception at the FCM Meeting in Quebec City, QC and an ICP/PICP Symposium possibly in Calgary, AB and Quebec City, QC later in the year. There was also a request for the Canadian Activities fund to consider being a Platinum Sponsor for the Hardscape Live Demonstration at Congress in January 2019. This will give ICPI additional exposure in Ontario.

As noted previously the guest speaker was Kristina Hausmanis from the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services department. Ms. Hausmanis presented a brief overview of the City of Toronto's Green Streets Implementation Strategy development and key focus areas. She also provided an overview of projects planned and implemented with an emphasis placed on using permeable interlocking concrete pavers and porous materials, and the current (and projected) challenges with implementation and maintenance. Staff reported there may be an opportunity to license the Concrete Paver Installer program to several schools in Ontario through Landscape Ontario. Staff will continue work on this and report activities as necessary.

Representatives from several committees gave brief descriptions of the activities being working on that affect the Canadian segment of the industry. Mr. McGrath also provided a summary of member survey responses that will feed into the Strategic Planning 2019-2022 process.

The 2019 Canadian Activities Meeting will be planned for Monday, November 4 in Toronto, ON at the Delta Airport Hotel.