Compete in the Northeast Hardscape Expo Installer Competition

February 24, 2020

The Northeast Hardscape Expo will hold the 2020 Installer Competition.  Up to 16 teams will compete in the two-day event for their share of the $15,000 prize money. That prize money assures a vigorous competition and the winning team will earn a spot to compete in the national competition at Hardscape North America in October.

Day one will see two first round heats with the top four teams advancing to the finals on day two. Speed is important but these teams need a big dose of quality to get to the finals.

Overseeing this year’s event is John Welch, owner of John Welch Enterprises of New York.  John has 25 years of experience in the landscape business and has owned his own business since 1998. John is an authorized instructor by both ICPI and NCMA. He attends and presents at industry educational classes in the northeast in the off season. John will supervise the competition and construct the judging guidelines to be used.

Managing noise and dust levels is an important aspect of this indoor competition as exhibitors and attendees are up close and personal during the event. To keep everyone comfortable while watching and conducting business nearby, paver and block splitters are used to control noise and dust and add a ‘challenge’ to the competitors’ creative ability.

To register for the competition, visit go the Northeast Hardscape Expo website click on installers competition and fill out the registration form. The $200 registration fee is fully refunded when the team participates in the event. The following cash prizes are awarded to the final four teams:

First place----------- $10,000.00 plus an HNA package for the nationals in Louisville, KY

Second place---------$ 2,500.00

Third place-----------$ 1,500.00

Fourth Place---------$1,000.00

Regardless of if you choose to attend, exhibit, or compete, your 2020 Northeast Hardscape Expo experience will be a good one.