Feeling Competitive?

January 28, 2019

Interested in hosting a Regional Hardscape North America Installer Championship?

The Hardscape North America Installer Championship recognizes the skill, dedication and passion of hardscape contractors from Canada, the United States and Mexico. Each team that competes in the championship will have their understanding of industry best practices and guidelines, safety, quality and craftsmanship tested in a race against the clock and other top installers in the industry.

The national finals occur every year at Hardscape North America (HNA), during the third week of October in Louisville, KY. The HNA Installer Championship is one the most exciting events at the trade show. This is the World Series or Super Bowl for the Hardscape Industry. Many teams qualify to compete at the national finals by winning a regional event. Regional event winners are guaranteed a spot in the National Championship and receive airfare and hotel accommodations at HNA for three team members. Teams consist of a Lead, Second and Alternate.

Sponsoring a regional event can bring some of that passion, enthusiasm and excitement to your local market. ICPI is now accepting applications from sponsors interested in hosting a Regional Hardscape North America Installer Championship. Sponsors that are accepted will receive financial assistance to help cover the cost of the winning team's prize. Applications are due February 14, 2019. For further information or to request an application form please contact Robert Bowers at rbowers@icpi.org.

The HNA Installer Championship will determine the best-of-the-best in the hardscape industry!