FREE Webinar Available on How to Use the Permeable Design Pro Now Available on YouTube

May 13, 2020

Learn how to use Permeable Design Pro for FREE on ICPI’s YouTube channel.

No need to register, just click here to learn why Permeable Design Pro is ICPI’s premium design software for permeable pavement applications. Dave Hein, P. Eng. takes an in depth look at how this software integrates hydraulic and structural solutions, so you may design sustainable stormwater management with PICP for pedestrian areas, parking lots, alleys and streets. 

Permeable Design Pro allows users to develop open-graded aggregate base/subbase thickness solutions at the site scale for supporting traffic, and for water storage and infiltration. Perfect for design professionals such as civil engineers, environmental/water resource engineers, pavement engineers, landscape architects, as well as municipal agencies and contractors.

Features include:

  • Characterizing run-on volumes from adjacent areas and roofs into PICP with Curve Numbers
  • Referencing an extensive library of 24-hour rainfall depths for U.S. and Canadian cities up to 100-year events, or input local rainfall data
  • Analyzing infiltration and outflow volumes, curve numbers, and runoff coefficients
  • Using program default values for soil subgrade strengths and infiltration rates, or input user-supplied data
  • Designing for no infiltration for detention or water harvesting, or for partial with perforated underdrains, or full infiltration into the soil subgrade
  • Analyzing base/subbase thickness requirements for vehicular applications up to 1 million ESALs (Caltrans TI = 9)