Hardscape Contractors Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

April 6, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the United States and Canada, many hardscape contractors are trying to understand and implement the recommendations and regulations they are being bombarded with from government agencies, health services and the media. ICPI conducted a quick survey to get a snapshot of how hardscape contractors are responding.

When asked about their current state of hardscape construction operations, 58% indicated they were still running the full number of crews or slightly reduced and only 18% were completely shut down. When the same question was presented to contractors that predominantly service the commercial/government markets, 72% indicated they were still running the full number of crews or slightly reduced and only 6% were completely shut down. A few comments indicated some contractors in Canada and the Northern tier states are still closed because the construction season has not started and not because of COVID-19. Other comments indicated they have been able to hire more workers who had been laid off from other industries.

Additionally, the survey asked what percentage of contracted work had been cancelled and not to consider delayed projects. The average for all respondents was 22% of the contracts had been cancelled and for commercial/government contractors the amount dropped to 14%.

The survey also highlighted the Construction Industry Safety Coalition's COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan for Construction. Many respondents were already using the plan and several commented they would start to use it after reviewing the link provided in the survey. Several respondents commented the materials included are very timely and useful.

Click here to see the full summary of the survey results.

This survey was conducted between April 1-3, and 286 contractors responded. Given the ever-changing regulations and recommendations from governments, these results are a snapshot of the industry at the end of last week and we expect these results will change over the next few weeks.