ICPI 2014 Annual Meeting and 20th Anniversary

March 31, 2014

Thanks goes out to all of those who attended the ICPI 2014 Annual Meeting and 20th Anniversary at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans! The meeting was a success with stimulating committee meetings and fun and exciting networking and social events. Click below for highlights from each of the committee meetings as well as a links to view photo galleries from the General Luncheon Session and 20th Anniversary Gala.

We encourage you to share these highlights with your staff and colleagues. Complete meeting minutes for each of the committees will be available on the ICPI members only section of www.icpi.org in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at icpi@icpi.org.

General Luncheon Session

[img_assist|nid=4416|title=David Pitre|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=296]ICPI Chair-elect David Pitre opens the General Luncheon Session.

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General Luncheon Session

ICPI Chair-elect Dave Pitre opened the general session with a warm welcome to his home town in New Orleans, Louisiana.   His opening remarks included recognizing ACM Chemistries and Krete Industries for sponsoring the general session and all meeting sponsors whose contribution helped to offset expenses for the meeting.  Mr. Pitre continued by recognizing several honorees and guests including past chairmen, new members, honorary members, special guests and those who have participated in the member recruitment campaign.  

ICPI Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Mueller then presented the ICPI Financial Report and noted that this year ICPI exceeded revenue over expenses for the first time since 2007.  He continued to review the breakdown of revenue sources and demonstrated how expenses are allocated over all programs.  One highlight to note is that HNA contributes to provide funding for member programs. Finally, Mr. Mueller reported on the Board election results and announced new board members elected for the period 2014-2018 including:  Dean Jurik, Dancing Bear, Waylon Paterson, Armtec, Roberto Nicolia, Nicolock Paving Stones and Donna Palladino, Rekers North America.

Next, Joe Bowen, Chair of the ICPI Foundation Board of Trustees provided an update of recent research projects funded by the Foundation.  A project by the University of Pittsburgh developed a measurement device for sidewalk smoothness that was introduced at last year’s summer meeting.  The PICP structural testing by the UC Davis Pavement Research Center includes a 96-foot long test section with three different base thicknesses to measure pressures and deformation using a machine called a heavy vehicle simulator. The objective of the testing is to develop structural design charts for PICP.  North Carolina State University is conducting PICP monitoring over slow draining, clay soils. This work is of interest to stormwater agencies who provide credits to developers for using permeable pavements to reduce runoff pollution.

Mr. Bowen announced three new projects being funded by the Foundation.  First, the Landscape Architecture Foundation received a grant to in turn award to ten universities with landscape architecture programs. The universities are to develop teaching tools on landscape performance. Second, the University of Missouri is developing PICP surface hydraulic design method. This research will give us a better understanding of the ratio of impervious to permeable pavement and its capacity to take in runoff from adjacent surfaces.  The third new project involves a consultant hired to develop product category rules or PCRs. These are rules for conducting cradle-to-gate life-cycle assessments and environmental product declarations or EPDs for concrete paving units. EPDs are common in Europe and were recently given greater visibility as a credit in the latest version of LEED released late last year.

Steve Berry, Foundation Chair-elect recognized two companies who recently made an investment to the Foundation, Oaks Concrete Products and Ironsmith.  Oaks Concrete Products recently made a second pledge of $25,000 and Ironsmith's donation of $10,000 now brings the total endowment to $3,028,885. Mr. Berry announced that the Foundation is gearing up for fund-raising so it can reach its $5 million goal and requested that members support the endowment and invest in our industry’s future.

[img_assist|nid=4418|title=DennisMitchell|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=257]Guest Speaker, Dennis Mitchell, Director of Facility Development and Landscape Architect for Louisiana State University

Next, the guest speaker, Dennis Mitchell, was introduced.  Mr. Mitchell is the Director of Facility Development and Landscape Architect for Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.  Dennis serves on the campus committee for sustainability.  He has been instrumental in the proliferation of interlocking and permeable interlocking concrete pavers on LSU's campus.  Mr. Mitchell gave an inspiring presentation on how interlocking and permeable interlocking concrete pavers have solved many challenges on the campus including providing a water source for its many Oak trees, using pavers as a way to defining spaces and increase overall aesthetic appeal. 

Finally,ICPI Chair of the Board Dave Carter took the stage to present the State of the Institute.  His speech began with recognizing contributions from several members who supported him during his chairmanship.  He then announced the creation of a new award to recognize members who have contributed a lifetime to the industry and to the association.  He announced the first recipient, Bill Schneider.  Bill is a charter member of ICPI and was the first chair of the Construction Committee. He was a main contributor to the Concrete Paver Installer Course and the Commercial Paver Technician Course. Bill was the first instructor for the Concrete Paver Installer Course in 1996 which eventually included over 25,000 participants. In addition, he served on ICPI’s Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and numerous standing and special committees.  While Bill’s name is on countless paver projects, he mentioned two groundbreakers including the 130,000 square foot street built in 1979 and Williamsburg Village and a 500-car PICP parking lot at Morton Arboretum.  These projects were innovations in their time and stand as a testimony to the Bill’s insight as well as the durability of interlocking concrete pavement systems and quality construction.  Bill has always maintained that selling the pavement system and educating contractors on industry best practices are paramount to our success. He has lived this to the benefit of our industry.

[img_assist|nid=4420|title=Carter Plaque|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=240]
Dave Carter is recognized for his service as ICPI Chair and presented with a plaque by incoming Chair David Pitre.

Mr. Carter then framed his remaining remarks around the past, present and future of ICPI. In speaking of the past, he highlighted a few of many important accomplishments including the first organizational meeting in 1993, the start of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine in 1994 (now Interlock Design), the first ICPI installer certification course in 1996, the creating of ICPI Foundation for Education & Research in 2000, the 8th International Conference on Concrete Block Paving hosted by ICPI in 2006 and the launching of Hardscape North America in 2007.   He noted that over the past twenty years, ICPI members invested over 35 million in our association resulting in research, standards, marketing, technical and education programs that support sales. Over that time, about ten billion square feet of pavers were installed in the US and Canada.  Moving the present, he discussed three recent accomplishment during his chairmanship including a new office building, a new strategic plan and a new equitable dues structure to continue funding future programs.  Finally, he commented on the future of ICPI and mentioned several new projects important to ICPI’s direction including:

  • Tech Spec on Crosswalks
  • Investigation of best practices for installation of large format concrete units
  • Development of courses for inspecting interlocking concrete pavement and permeable interlocking concrete pavement projects
  • Continued development of the Commercial Sales Course
  • A new ICPI logo
  • A redesigned website to make it easier for specifiers, contractors and members to find our technical resources
  • An ASCE/ANSI national standard on PICP design, construction and maintenance
  • Improvements to Permeable Design Pro software
  • Support of a Congressional bill by offering language to the successor of the MAP-21 transportation bill
  • Updates on OSHA Silica Regulation
  • Canadian Government Municipal Efforts
  • Development of programs the support paving slabs

In closing, Mr. Carter thanked his support team including David Pitre, Joe Bowen, Roberto Nicolia and Mike Mueller as well as the ICPI staff.  He was recognized for his service as Chair for the past two years with a plaque. 

Networking and Social Events


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ICPI 20th Anniversary Gala!

The year’s annual meeting broke records in member attendance. With over 250 attendees, all ICPI evening events were a success! 

The Networking Reception, held at the Bourbon Vieux Room and sponsored by Krete, Kobra Molds, Hess Machinery and Pathfinder Systems, was the perfect kick off to our week of committee meetings and provided our members the opportunity to network and reconnect while experiencing New Orleans from the center of Bourbon St.  

The ICPI 20th Anniversary Celebration, held at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans, was also a huge success and a memorable event. More than 270 members, spouses and guests came together in a grand celebration of 20 years of ICPI supporting the concrete paver industry.

A special thanks to Dean Jurik who created a unique and unforgettable program that went back in history with our very own Forest Gump (played by Gary Ross) who traveled the country to visit all of ICPI’s past chairman as wells as the current chair and chair-elect in search of the secret to make the perfect paver.  After many laughs, a 13 piece band got everyone to the dance floor to enjoy the rest of the evening and dance the night away.

Congratulations to the all the sponsors, the 20th Anniversary Planning Special Committee and ICPI staff for making this an unforgettable event for our industry. 

20th Anniversary Sponsors

Big Daddy

  • ACM Chemistries
  • Aqua Paving Construction
  • Basalite
  • Belgard
  • Besser Company
  • Bobby Staten
  • Cambridge Pavers
  • Columbia Machine
  • Hess Machinery
  • Larry Hilldore
  • Nicolock
  • Pathfinder Systems
  • Pavestone

Virgin Sturgeon

  • Bogert Products
  • Pavers by Ideal
  • Rekers NA
  • Techniseal

Jamin Salmon

  • Chris Cox
  • Chuck and Pat Taylor
  • Dancing Bear, inc.
  • East Penn Pavement Co.
  • Innovative Concrete Technology, LLC
  • Ironsmith
  • Joe Bowen
  • KBH
  • KVM International
  • Lanxess
  • Rockwood Pigments
  • Solomon Colors
  • TEKA North America
  • The Dintel Partnership

Raging Cajun

  • Ross and Rose Yantzi

Hardscape North America Steering Special Committee

The 2013 HNA Performance Metrics indicate continued improvement. HNA 2013 drew attendees in a geographic pattern very similar to HNA 2012 with 1,575 registered attendees. Combined with the GIE+Expo, landscape contractor attendance was more than 8,000. The show had 123 exhibitors occupying 28,350 square feet of exhibit space, a 4% increase over HNA 2012. The show continues to generate revenue and again exceed expectations in 2013.

The HNA Contractor Education Task Group provided an update on potential topics for education sessions and outdoor demonstrations, and the draft schedule was approved.  They also announced that the Contractor Executive workshop will be moved from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning to increase attendance to this program. The Distributor and Dealer program was again a huge success at HNA 2013 and the Distributor Education task group is currently working on selecting the theme and speakers for the program at HNA 2014. The group provided a report on new ideas to expand the program.  The Hardscape Installer Championship task group reported that due to the success of the championship at HNA 2013 the competition will be held again at HNA 2014 with a similar program. The task group is looking at ways of expanding the program and allowing even more teams to participate.

The HNA Hardscape Project Awards will be presented during a breakfast event again at HNA 2014 at the Hyatt in downtown Louisville on the morning of Friday, October 24, prior to show hours.  The HNA Attendance Task Group explained that their goal is to help grow contractor and distributor attendance and to promote and expand the use of the “Invite a Customer” promotional tool.

Contractor Education Subcommittee

The subcommittee recommended to put in place alternative requirements for Technical Instructors to be able to serve as the Lead Instructor (and sole instructor) for the Concrete Paver Installer Course.  Plans for future updates to the advanced paver installation courses were discussed, which spurred conversation regarding alternative delivery methods for commercial installation topics.  A task group will present its recommendations at the next meeting.  Also in development is a survey to gain some insight into members’ and the public’s perceptions about ICPI’s Concrete Paver Installer Certification program.  Survey responses will be utilized to shape new performance metrics for the certification program.

Commercial Technical Promotion Special Committee

It was reported that the Commercial Technical Promotion Team has 217 team members as of March 14, 2014. The team members represent 60 unique companies and CTP Team Captains have been identified for 51 of those companies. The number has increased slightly from the summer meeting, with members now representing almost all membership categories with the majority from producers. It was noted that the CTP effort supports almost all of the standing committee efforts. There have been 13 webinars presented that were of interest to CTP team members. The Commercial Sales Training was very successful with 46 attendees. Staff continues to do presentations at national and regional conference like the National Association of County Engineers and the New England Concrete Masonry Associations post research workshop at UNH. Staff continues work to influence state/provincial BMP manuals. The second CTP Team survey reported team members are continuing to make commercial presentations.

  • 278 presentations to commercial audiences
  • 67% had architect and engineers in attendance, 60% had landscape architects and 31% had government.
  • 54 presentations were made to professional associations
  • 185 presentation provided continuing education credits where 42% the presenters company was the approved provider and 25% ICPI was the approved provider

CTP Team members who meet the benchmarks and knowledge & skills requirements will receive CTP Team logoed golf shirts.

Education Committee

As recommended by the Contractor Education Subcommittee, the Education Committee agreed to put in place alternative requirements for Technical Instructors to serve as the Lead Instructor (and sole instructor) for the Concrete Paver Installer Course.  It was reported that the paveshare.org website is experiencing more traffic than in the past, and that staff will again be presenting at the PCA Professor Workshop in July 2014.  Several webinars will be presented to civil engineering professors who have already received the learning modules.  The committee presented potential topics for next year’s webinars, and also reported on the progress of the new programs for inspectors of concrete paver installations.  These programs will first be presented as webinars to members, and the presentations will eventually be made available to members to deliver in person to inspectors.  The success of the first and plans for the second Commercial Sales Course was also discussed. 

Construction Committee

The Construction committee completed Tech Spec 19: Design, Construction and Maintenance of Interlocking Concrete Pavement Crosswalks. A draft version of a Tech Spec for the construction of bituminous set paver installations was also presented. Work continues on a new geosynthetics Tech Spec and the update to Tech Spec 17: Bedding Sand Selection for Interlocking Concrete Pavements in Vehicular Applications. A task group was also assembled to review Tech Spec 3 and specifically look at including direct fastening and lag bolting edge restraints. The Accredited Paver Installation Company Promotion task group reported that a limited number of charter participants have signed up for the program. It was recommended that the task group continue their work because the program is needed by the industry. The task group assigned to monitor a report on the new silica regulations that OSHA is proposing reported that hearings are being held until April 4 and that ICPI will providing testimony regarding the interlocking concrete industry. The proposed regulations, if implemented, will require significant expense and loss in productivity.

A new task group was set up to look at developing guidelines for the installation of large format segmental paving units. A task group was also assigned to provide information about geogrid anchored edge restraint systems that could be incorporated in the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer course.

Government Relations

The committee received an update from Randy Pence, government relations counsel, regarding advocacy and monitoring of legislative and regulatory issues. It was also reported that ICPI’s permeable pavement provision was approved in the omnibus appropriation bill and the President signed it into law on January 17, 2014.  ICPI is now proposing new bill language for the successor bill of MAP-21. The committee discussed the implementation of MAP-21 and the deployment of permeable pavement educational programs.  The committee received an update from two task groups’ recommendations on (1) developing a technology transfer proposal, based on three key/best current opportunities elements for the US Department of Transportation to adopt permeable, pervious and porous paving materials, practices and systems, (2) enhance the PaverPAC reception, the task group established a theme for the reception and collected over $5,000 to support the PaverPAC. The new Canadian Government Relations Subcommittee reported on that its focus will be on the municipal market in Canada and proposed funding to become a sponsor of the Canadian Municipal Federation. Mr. Pence also reported on the PaverPAC and the contributions to date in support of legislation beneficial to the industry. He also reviewed how candidates are identified for support by PaverPAC.  

Technical Committee

The committee demonstrated progress in many areas. This was evident from a task group that’s moving forward on developing an optional lower temperature for freeze-thaw durability testing in ASTM C1645 for C936. Another task group is reviewing how to address paving products that don’t fall under the dimensional definitions in C936 nor in the draft ASTM paving slab standard now being balloted. A third task group has developed the protocol for presentations on new products at member meetings. A new products forum can be an opportunity to test new products and obtain member feedback as well as gain exposure. A fourth task group has developed a draft Tech Spec on capping and cutting pavers according to recent changes in ASTM C140. These changes eliminate differences in strengths of pavers with various thicknesses by cutting, capping and testing coupons from whole pavers. A fifth task group has developed criteria for paver selection for a University of Missouri research project examining PICP hydraulic performance. If you’d like to donate rectangular pavers for this project, please contact dsmith@icpi.org for more information.

On the ASTM and CSA fronts, CSA has issued revised paver and slab standards. ASTM is balloting a precision and bias statement for C1781, a test method for surface infiltration of permeable segmental paving. An ASTM paving product standard is also being balloted. The committee received draft revisions to Tech Spec 16 on using LEED version 4 to sell more concrete pavers. LEED’s latest version provides greater opportunities and challenges for using concrete pavers to earn credits.

Most of the remaining meeting saw updates on several projects. These include a sidewalk pavement smoothness measurement technology (presented at the 2013 summer meeting) and a study by the University of Pittsburgh. Staff is reviewing the University’s final report and will provide it to the Technical Committee for review as well. The PICP load testing at UC Davis has started and the committee received a detailed report on construction last January and testing of the test site. The machine conducting load testing can be viewed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19lbrAMxOls. Load testing will continue for a few more months and the data will be used to develop design charts for PICP. Speaking of PICP, Dave Hein from Applied Research Associates demonstrated CAD output of drawing details using Permeable Design Pro Software. Come June, the entire program will be sold online using a subscription service renewed annually. Users will have a free trial period before deciding to purchase a license.

Another PICP-related project is development of an ASCE standard on PICP design, construction and maintenance. A draft is completed and going through detailed ASCE standards committee review. Once completed and approved by the committee, the standard goes out for public comment. After resolution of those comments, the standard becomes an official ASCE/ANSI standard. This is expected in early 2015. The standard will be a significant selling tool, especially to engineers and stormwater agencies.  

An update on the development of product category rules or PCRs was heard by the committee. A draft has been developed by an ASTM committee with representatives from the Technical Committee on it. The draft will be reviewed by ASTM staff, the ASTM committee, and then go out for public comment in a month or so. Pending no challenges, the PCR should be ready in the summer. This document provides the technical basis for cradle-to-gate life cycle assessments and environmental product declarations, now taking time to develop in the marketplace, but is certainly being promoted with a credit in LEED v4.

Meetings, Membership and Trade Show Committee

The 2013 Summer Meeting will take place from September 10-13, 2014 in Dallas, TX at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center.  Several ongoing task groups will help plan the golf outing, member engagement activities, and prospect guest events at the meeting.  Task groups were formed to contact and identify potential prospect guests to invite to the Summer Meeting and to investigate holding a virtual plant tour during the meeting.

The committee received a feedback report on NCMA’s ICON-XChange event and confirmed that the ICPI 2015 Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the ICON-XChange in San Antonio, TX in February.  The committee also recommended co-locating with NCMA and the ICON-XChange in Orlando, FL for the 2016 Annual Meeting. 

Other task groups were formed to focus on membership development and recruitment, updating and improving the member incentive program, and outreach to younger and diverse members to get them more involved in the association.  The committee continues to focus heavily on ways to bring in new members and increase member involvement.

Marketing Committee

The Brand Review Task Group presented the value of branding and a new ICPI logo was unveiled.  The new logo received strong support from the committee and will be released to the public in the coming weeks.  Several new programs supporting the strategic plan were approved including a campaign for members to promote ICPI, a speaker referral program and website redesign.  The committee also discussed Interlock Design magazine in detail and created a task group to further evaluate the future direction of the publication.  A broader discussion on general marketing practices resulted in a request for staff to evaluate the benefit of ICPI participating in trade shows to increase awareness and membership development.  Staff will prepare a proposal for funding consideration for fiscal year 2015-16. 

Dues and Bylaws Committee

The committee received an update on the efforts of the Slab Producer Special Committee.  A task group was developed to develop a model for annual dues increases.  The committee also reviewed and approved several policy changes including revision to policy on committees and proxies, ethics, member payment for publications, instructor requirements, editorial advisory board, procedures for evaluating new products and a proposed Bylaw Amendment to the composition of the Leadership Development and Succession Committee.  Lastly, there was discussion on separating the policy manual for education and certification, member related policies and office procedures.  The committee supports the idea to separate the policy manual into three separate documents, but want to continue to review and approve all changes.

Board of Directors

The Board received an update on the 2013-16 strategic plan. They accepted the audited 2012-13 audited financial statements, received an interim report on financial statements of ICPI, approved a reserve fund, and approved the budget for fiscal 2014-15. The Board received a report from the Commercial Technical Promotion Special Committee, Hardscape North America Steering Special Committee, Office Transition Special Committee and 20th Anniversary Celebration Special Committee. The Slab Special Committee reviewed new proposed programs for slabs and a possible dues structure.  Their report will be circulated the membership for feedback. The Board discussed that clay paver manufacturers are informational members and whether they should be classified differently and asked the Dues and Bylaws Committee to consider a change. The Board appointed Trustees to the ICPI Foundation and ratified actions of the Executive Committee. The Board acted upon policy recommendations. The Board approved committee funding requests for fiscal 2014-15 for the website redesign, concrete paver installer course video, Canadian Municipal Federation sponsorship and exhibit as well as the National Association of County Engineers exhibit. The officers elected for 2013-14 were David Pitre, Board Chair, Joe Kerrigan, Chair-elect and Mike Mueller, Secretary/Treasurer. 

ICPI Foundation

The ICPI Foundation received an update on its current funded programs including the University of Pittsburgh Smoothness Research, University of California Davis PICP Structural Testing, North Carolina State University PICP Research, TRCA PICP Research, LAF Grants Project, PICP Hydraulics Research and Product Category Rules Development Project.  For an update on the status of these projects, please click here