ICPI and NCMA Form Collaboration Committee

April 20, 2020

The ICPI and NCMA have formed a Collaboration Exploration Committee. The charge of the committee is to explore additional collaboration to better position members to increase market share and review possible areas of consolidation.


The Committee Members are as follows:

Members selected by ICPI

Members selected by NCMA

Dave Carter, Oaks Concrete Products, Co-Chair

Steve Berry, Oldcastle APG, Co-Chair

Fred Adams, Fred Adams Paving

Eric Absalon, Basalite

Kendall Anderegg, Mutual Materials

Rocky Fizzano, Fizzano Brothers

Charles Gamarekian, Cambridge Pavers

Terri Grulke, Besser Company

Dean Jurik, ACM Chemistries

Sam Hoehner, Lee Building Products

Paul Pignatelli, Best Way Stone

Pat Sauter, Kings Materials

David Pitre, Keystone Hardscapes

David Pitre, Keystone Hardscapes

Steve Berry, Oldcastle APG

Jeff Speck, Arcosa Lightweight

Charles McGrath and Bob Thomas will also participate in all meetings of the committee. 


The ICPI and NCMA officers have selected a consulting firm to help facilitate the process of making a decision. Tecker International, was selected based on their experience with similar engagements.  Paul Meyer, President, will be the principal on our engagement and will facilitate the process.  


Between now and the 2021 Annual Meeting the consultant has proposed the following plan of work:

Step 1: Review of Background Material

Step 2: Design/Planning Session with Co-chairs and staff

Step 2b: Committee Update Calls (May – June – September)

Step 3: Qualitative Telephone Interviews (26-31) May/June

Step 4: Data/Information Analysis - May/June

Step 5: Facilitated Session with Committee -  July (hopefully in person)

Step 6: Interim Board Reports - August

Step 7: Development of Dues Structure Analysis & Recommendations – July – September

Step 8: Second Meeting of Committee - December/January

Step 9: Final Report – January

Step 10: Presentation to Association Boards – February


The Board of Directors would like to continue to provide the following messages regarding the work of the committee:

  • Initial exploratory efforts only
  • No decisions made and no foregone conclusions
  • Typical unifications (once agreed) take approximately 2 years
  • Dues structures and impacts not yet considered
  • No current staffing changes under consideration