ICPI Key Achievements and Points of the Future

February 24, 2017

During his State of the Institute presentation at the 2017 Annual Meeting General Luncheon Session, ICPI Chair Matt Lynch reflected on key achievements during 2016 and outlined important activities for 2017.

Among the successes in 2016, Mr. Lynch listed:

  • The creation of a new ICPI Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 that prioritizes and consistently measures the progress toward four goals – (1) Industry Growth, (2) Industry Quality, (3) ICPI Strength, and (4) Increased Acceptance of ICPI. For more information about these goals, click here to read the 2016 ICPI Annual Report.
  • The Education Road Map Special Committee developed a clear, exciting path for ICPI’s Education and Certification program.  The Road Map includes a three-tiered structure for training sales people, design professionals, university students, and project owners.  For contractors, the committee is building on our current installer program. It defines a pathway for becoming a concrete paver installation professional.
  • Hardscape North America exceeded all expectations, according to Mr. Lynch. Attendance increased by 12% over 2015, while attendance for education programs, outdoor exhibits and demonstration were up by 19%.  There were 72 new exhibitors and the HNA Installer Championships that featured 24 teams from across the country competing for the national award.

Mr. Lynch pointed to the following key activities to look for in 2017:

  • Tech Specs on paving slab structural design and construction
  • Tech Spec on PICP maintenance
  • First Regional Commercial Sales Course that will take place in Oakland, California on March 30-31
  • The launch of the “Why Buy ICPI” marketing campaign that promotes member products and services to other members and end users.
  • Enhanced contractor, manufacturer, distributor, and supplier search engine capabilities on the ICPI website
  • An enhanced contractor section on the ICPI website that highlights the benefits of ICPI membership, certification, and technical resources
  • More project profiles that demonstrate the unique benefits of our industry’s products and services

Mr. Lynch also indicated that the following Government Relations activities would take center stage in 2017:

  • OSHA Silica Regulation that members should be prepared to comply with however there may be much activity to delay and overturn them.
  • Regulatory reform from the new administration will be working to roll back a number of Obama regulations, including the Affordable Care Act.
  • A major infrastructure bill for which President Trump has promised a $1 trillion infrastructure investment that will create many construction jobs. 
  • Research on and recognition from the House and Senate on research on permeable pavements.   
  • Connection and outreach to key municipalities across Canada via a new advocate contracted by ICPI, Andrew Pask.