ICPI Participates in the 2017 PCA Professor’s Workshop

July 31, 2017

On Friday July 28, 2017, Robert Bowers, ICPI Director of Engineering, presented the ICPI Segmental Paving Civil Engineering Learning Modules to a class of university professors at the Portland Cement Association’s annual Professor’s Workshop. This year approximately 36 professors attended the week-long workshop with 11 attending the interlocking concrete pavement session. Each professor will be offered the complete set of ICPI Civil Engineering Learning Modules along with the supporting documents.

Robert Bowers specifically presented the Introduction to Interlocking Concrete Pavement and Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement modules. The attendees were engaged in the content and asked several questions.

ICPI is a proud sponsor of the PCA Professor’s Workshop and full details of the event are available at http://www.cement.org/learn/education/professors'-workshop.

This year, ICPI offered two $1,500 stipends to cover the cost for a professor to attend workshop. The only requirements to receive the funding was that the attendee must teach a university or college level course in pavement design, construction or maintenance and they attend the interlocking concrete pavement session. ICPI only received one application. This year Professor M. Mahgoub, from the New Jersey Institute of Technology received the stipend. ICPI is planning to offer the same funding for the 2018 PCA Professor’s Workshop. If you know of any professors you would like to receive invitations for the 2018 Workshop please send their contact information to Robert Bowers, rbowers@icpi.org.