ICPI Works to Create Safer Work Sites

April 1, 2019

Job site safety is important to your workers, your company and you. Making sure your workers have the knowledge they need to keep them safe is the first step to building a culture of safety within your company. In fact, as part of an effective health and safety program, your workers should participate in regularly scheduled meetings to discuss safety on the work site.

To help create a safer work place, ICPI will be making Safety Meeting outlines available to its contractor members. The ICPI Construction Committee has selected 52 safety topics relevant to hardscape construction. At the beginning of each quarter, 13 new weekly topics will be available for you to download. This is a complimentary benefit of being a member of ICPI and access to this webpage is limited to Voting, Affiliate and Informational contractor members.

Visit the Safety Meeting Outlines webpage to download the outlines for July 2016 - April 2019.

If you would like to become a member to gain access to these outlines along with other benefits, click here.