KBH Mold Inspection and Repair Station

March 9, 2018

The KBH Mold Inspection and Repair Station (MIRS) is a free-standing unit of solid design with rugged support structure. Leveling units on the support structure allow companies to compensate for an uneven floor by up to +/- 1 inch (+/- 25 mm).

A complete mold will be centrically placed in a jig by means of a forklift truck. The main beam holds the mold head mounting plate, connected to an electrically operated hoist for pulling and lowering the mold head in the mold bottom. The electric hoist allows for infinite stop positions of the mold head. This is very beneficial for in house tamper shoe monitoring and replacement, i.e. checking the shoe clearance to the cavity walls when inserting the head back into the mold bottom. Proper guiding of the mold head mounting plate is ensured by a robust mechanical guidance system installed at the main beam. The mold head holding plate is equipped with a mechanical fall arresting device allowing personnel to work under raised loads. All electrical components are UL or CSA approved.

Rotation of the mold bottom is operated via a manually driven crank shaft driving a self-triggering worm gear drive, which allows positioning the mold bottom at any angle for ease of accessibility. The neutral position of the mold (completely level horizontally) is guaranteed by a mechanically activated locking device, ensuring that the mold head and mold bottom are 100% in line for inserting the mold head.

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