North Bay, Ontario, Mayor Al McDonald to Speak on Downtown Renovation with Interlocking Concrete Pavements at ICPI Summer Meeting

July 31, 2017

For the concrete paver industry, 1983 marks one of the first municipal concrete paver street projects in Canada. Over 150,000 sf of paver sidewalks and streets revitalized and transformed this tourist destination in northern Ontario. Now 34 years later, Mayor Al McDonald and the City Councillors decided to refresh and replace the worn pavers with more. Mayor McDonald will be the guest speaker at the ICPI Summer Meeting General Session Luncheon on Thursday, August 24th.

Mayor McDonald is serving his second term having received 84% of the vote. Through the years, the Mayor served North Bay as a Deputy Mayor and Councillor, as Member of Provincial Parliament, as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Enterprise, on numerous boards, agencies and committees through thousands of volunteer hours on community projects big and small. He has been a successful entrepreneur, having founded and owned many successful businesses. He also mentored young entrepreneurs who have gone on to create successful businesses of their own. We are privileged to hear his story and background of community involvement where he has made his most significant contributions and has found his greatest rewards.

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