Senate Appropriations Committee Adopts ICPI Language

June 18, 2018

The Senate Appropriations Committee adopted the ICPI-proposed language in its official Committee Report to accompany the Senate FY19 THUD Appropriations Committee Bill. 

Permeable Pavements. – The Committee encourages the Secretary to accelerate the research, demonstration and deployment of permeable pavements to achieve flood mitigation, pollutant reduction, stormwater runoff reduction, and environmental conservation.  The Committee encourages the Secretary to conduct comprehensive life cycle cost analyses of permeable pavements compared to non-permeable pavements and full-scale load testing to establish structural design methods to enhance roadway stormwater mitigation and flood reduction. The Secretary shall consider areas that have received Federal disaster declaration resulting from flooding within the last three fiscal years when choosing locations for such research, demonstration, and deployment.  The Secretary shall make the findings of this research available to States and local jurisdictions.