Technical, Installation, and Maintenance Advancements Highlight 2017 ICPI Summer Meeting Next Week in Toronto

August 15, 2017

More than 200 people will attend the 2017 ICPI Summer Meeting in Toronto, August 22-25.  The meeting will focus on a number of key technical, installation, and maintenance activities ICPI is conducting on behalf of the industry, including:

  • The 5th edition of ICPI manual on permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP), with more than 100 pages of completely updated information
  • New draft product ASTM standard for planks, also called linear paving units
  • A presentation on an ICPI Foundation-funded research project on PICP cleaning and deicer use by Professor Jennifer Drake with the University of Toronto
  • Workers’ compensation insurance category and rates for concrete paver contractors
  • Draft of Tech Spec 25: Construction Guidelines for Segmental Concrete Paving Slabs and Planks in Non-Vehicular Residential Applications
  • Task group findings on the use of open-graded aggregate as bedding and base materials under interlocking concrete pavements

In addition, the Summer Meeting Innovative Technology Forum will highlight slag aggregate uses in manufactured concrete paving products and in pavement bases, as well as the Cyclone machines to clean permeable interlocking concrete pavement.

Complete Committee agendas and background materials for the Summer Meeting are available to ICPI members.