ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Certification

Concrete Paver Installer Certification

The Path to a More Prosperous Future Begins with Certification

For contractors involved in the residential and commercial installation of interlocking concrete pavements, the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Certification is THE industry recognized program for the professionals committed to industry guidelines for segmental concrete pavement installation.  It’s more than just a certificate on the wall – it’s a testament to your level of investment in your profession that demonstrates your knowledge and skills for interlocking concrete pavement installation best practices. 

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  1. Attend the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course.
  2. Earn a passing score on the course exam.*
  3. Complete and submit an Application for Certification (documenting required installation experience of at least 5 projects and 10,000 sq. ft.).**

Once issued, certification is valid for two years.  During each two-year term, ICPI Certified Installers must earn 8 continuing education credits in order to renew certification.

*After attending the course and passing the exam, a Record of Completion is issued. 

**Installation experience is a one-time requirement.  It can be taken from any period of time that a person has been installing interlocking concrete pavements. Installers can go back as many years as needed in order to fulfill the requirement.