Membership FAQ

Q. Who can be a member of ICPI?
A. Members of the Association are companies and organizations who support and work toward the advancement of the mission of ICPI.  The Board of Directors determines types of membership, eligibility, privileges, and dues.  Voting member categories include Producers, Slab Producers, Associates and Contractors. Members in these categories may vote in committees, serve as committee chairman, nominate, be nominated, and be elected to the Board of Directors.  Contractors may join as Voting, Affiliate or Informational members.  Other membership categories include International, Dealer/Distributor, Design Professional and Informational.  Members in these categories do not vote.  Definitions of each category are fully explained in the ICPI Bylaws and are listed on the ICPI Membership Applications.

Q. Does my company/organization join ICPI, or do I join as an individual?
A. Membership is by company/organization. All staff of a company/organization may enjoy the benefits of their company membership, but the company/organization as a whole holds the membership.  If you left the company/organization, your ICPI membership would stay with the company/organization.

Q. Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date, or is the membership term based on the calendar year? Do I pay the full amount of dues for the first year, or a prorated amount?
A. Your company’s membership term is for one year beginning on the day you join ICPI. Therefore, the amount for your first year of membership is the full dues amount. Membership dues are billed on a fiscal year schedule and due each July 1st.  Members joining in the middle of a fiscal year will be billed a prorated amount in the second year of membership. 

Q. May I pay for two years of membership dues at a time?
A. Yes, simply note on your invoice that you are paying dues in advance.

Q. When I join ICPI, am I automatically enrolled in an ICPI chapter (or vice versa)?
A. No, memberships in ICPI chapters are separate. ICPI urges you to also join your local chapter to gain full access to educational and networking opportunities in your geographical area.

Q. I recently joined ICPI--when will I begin to receive information and materials such as my membership certificate, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine, and e-mails?
A. You should begin to receive information via e-mail as soon as your membership is processed (please allow up to two weeks for payments by check). Your membership certificate and first issue of Interlock Design magazine will be on your desk or doorstep 3 weeks after joining.

Q. I've left my current position and will begin work at another company. Can I keep my membership?
A. No, ICPI membership is on a company/organization basis.  When you begin your new position, please encourage your new company to become an ICPI member.