ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course Study Guide

Course Outline

Section 1 - Introduction
A: The Course: Objectives, Prerequisites, and Benefits
B: Registration and Course Procedures
C: Concrete Segmental Paving: A Brief History
D: Overview: Components of Interlocking Concrete Pavement System/Comparison to Other Pavement Systems

Section 2 - Job Planning and Documentation
What's in it for me?
Job Jacket Contents


Section 3 - Estimating Quantities, Job Layout, and Flow
A: Job Layout for Excavation
B: Excavation of Soil, Hauling and Disposal
C: Estimating Base, Sand and Paver Materials
D: Estimating Cut Pavers and Edge Restraints
E: Flow of Materials

Section 4 - Soil Characteristics and Compaction
A: Gradation Fundamentals, Sieve Analysis and Standard
B: Soil Classification, Soil Propertied and Quick Field identification
C: Soil Compaction and Moisture-Density Relationships
D: Measuring Soil Compaction
E: Soil Compaction Methods and Equipment
F: Geotestiles: Purpose and Uses

Section 5 - Base Materials
A: Gradation
B: Factors in Determining Base Thickness
C: Base Compaction Testing and Guidelines
D: Base Installation

Section 6 - Edge Restraints
Types and Applications

Section 7 - Bedding and Joint Sands
A: Shape, Gradation, Moisture, and Hardness
B: Installation and Equipment

Section 8 - Selection and Installation of Concrete Pavers
A: Selecting Pavers and Various Applications
B: Aspect Ration and Its Effect on Applications
C: Paver Installation
D: Paving Around Obstructions, Non-Aligned Edges and Openings
E: Cutting Equipment and Techniques
F: Compaction Equipment and Compacting Pavers

Section 9 - Maintenance and Management
A: Introductions
B: Problem Areas
C: Cleaning, Sealing and Joint Stabilization
D: Remedial Measures

Section 10 - Specialty Applications and Construction Tips
A: Overlays
B: Pool Decks
C: Raised Patios
D: Step Construction
E: Construction Tips

Section 11 - Safety
A: Introduction - The Four-Point System
B: Implementing a Company Safety Program
C: Conducting a Hazard Analysis
D: Typical Hazards on a Hardscape Installation Project
E: Personal Protection Equipment

Section 12 - Estimating & Job Costing
A: Overhead
B: Profit
C: Foreman and Crew Incentives
D: Actual vs. Estimated Costs

Section 13 - Contract Basics
A: Change Orders
B: Payments
C: Warranties

Section 14 - Review and Exam
Glossary of Terms
List of Tools for Paver Installation Contractors
Tech Spec 2 - Construction of Interlocking Concrete Pavements
Tech Spec 5 - Cleaning, Sealing and Joint Sand Stabilization of Interlocking Concrete Pavement
Tech Spec 6 - Reinstatement of Interlocking Concrete Pavements
Tech Spec 10 - Application guide for Interlocking Concrete Pavements
TenCate mirafi Geotextile Technical Data