Wide range of finishes, colors, shapes and sizes.  Laying patterns can compliment any home's architecture due to a wide variety of styles available.


Initial Cost & Installation

Moderate - Tightly fitted, uniform units are placed over a sand bed and a compacted aggregate base.  Immediately ready for use.  Can be installed by a homeowner or an ICPI Certified Installer.



Low - Stained or broken pavers can be easily replaced without patches.  Dark colored pavers can help hide stains.  Factory-made pavers last for decades.


Winter Durability

High - Small, high density units resist cracking as well as damage from freeze-thaw cycles and salts.  Pavers are stronger than ordinary or stamped concrete.


Snow Removal

Smooth surfaces allow for easy snow removal.  Darker pavers help snow melt faster.  Snow-melt systems can be easily integrated to eliminate snow and ice removal.


Peak Performance from Concrete Pavers

Quality concrete pavers create a surface that can last for generations when placed on well-prepared base. They need practically no maintenance when installed to ICPI guidelines. This guide will help you get the most value from your concrete paver installation.