Tired of finishing beautiful projects with nondescript pavement?

Interlocking concrete pavement (ICP) and permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) are teh most attractive choice over other pavement surfaces. ICPs and PICP come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and textures.

Need to define accessible areas better?

ICPs come in a variety of colors with many styles and shapes that can provide differentiation colors for pavement markings and contrasting handicap ares.

Tired of inconsistent look in finished projects?

Interlocking concrete pavers and permeable interlocking concrete pavers are made in a controlled factory environment ensuring that the product, color, and texture selected by a project designer are consistently manufactured to high industry standards that match the needs for the project.



ICPs and PICPS are flexible and long lasting, givng them the ability to transfer loads. ICPIs and PICPs work wel in pedestrian and vehicular applications. In the case of PICPs compared to other porous surfaces PICPs will not crumble or loosen making them more resistant to twisting or turning vehicles.

Easy access for maintenece. ICPs and PICPs are easily removed for access beneath the pavement. Utility repairs are simplified by removing the paving units, making the repair, and then replacing the same units without leaving any unsightly patches. The pavers will retain a consistent look after removal compared to other types of pavement. In addition, pavement life is not reduced because there are no cuts. 

Different thickness for different applications. This is important when designing for vehicular or roadway applications, compared to plazas and walkways. Use the right concrete paver for the application.