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Old Town Oasis

2018 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver - Residential (size less than 3,000 sf)

Contractor: Lindgren Landscape
Manufacturer: Belgard
Designer: Tim Lindgren

Southlands Mall

2018 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver - Commercial [Size More than 15,000 sf]

Contractor: Continental Hardscape Systems LLC
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: Studio Insite

Pavers in a mix of rich colors, textures and sizes were combined to refresh and revitalize the Southlands outdoor mall. The CityStone 6x12” paver was the anchor for the project while 6x6” and larger plank pavers intermixed to add visual impact. Both Standard and Shot Blast finishes contributed subtle texture variations.

Levy Park

2018 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver Commercial - Size More than 15,000 sf

Contractor: B&D Contractors Inc.
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: OJB Landscape Architects

Once modest and tucked away off a dead end road, Levy Park received a revitalization to re-engage the local community.  CityStone, Holland, Roman Cobble and Verona pavers were chosen in the design to help separate different areas of the park, add a sense of playfulness and accentuate natural features.