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Jackson Healthcare - Northwinds

Contractor: Surfaces Group
Manufacturer: Belgard
Designer: Site Solutions

Modular pavers in the color Avondale to accent the surrounding Italian architecture.  Product laid specifically to eliminate cuts. Clean inlaid look of the Moduline within a Lafitt paver field to give a stunning finish both from ground and areal views.

Texas Rangers North Plaza

Contractor: AIM Paving & Construction
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: SWA

The paving pattern of the Texas Rangers North Plaza consists of macro-scale banding that is reflective of the structure of the new ballpark. Massing of color, texture and pattern in the bands expresses the complexity of the orthogonal design language at varying scales within the plaza itself.

Smyth Residence

Contractor: Bahler Brothers
Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc
Designer: Jen Kloter, Bahler Brothers

The design is rectilinear and sleek incorporating a large outdoor kitchen, pavilion, fire table, small pool, lighting, walkway, driveway apron, and several sitting walls and pillars. All materials coordinate with the grey and black color scheme of the house.