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Post Oak Community


Atlanta, GA United States

The permeable paver design was required to meet the impervious cover limitations and water quality requirements at Post Oak Community.  The Pavestone Eco-Venetian was selected as the 4-piece combo provides a striking visual interest to the pavement.  The designer, Watts & Browning Engineers out of Marietta, Georgia, was also able to manage storm drainage and provide stormwater detention with the benefit of an aesthetic that matches the design of the new homes while complimenting the surrounding existing homes.  The warmth of the Chattanooga Sandstone color includes the earth tones of bu

Firelane Road Residence


Menasha ,
WI United States

Set back only 90 feet from Lake Winnebago, this home must comply with DNR regulations requiring permeable surfaces on paved areas of waterfront properties. They looked for a contractor with experience installing permeable pavers.

Three sizes of permeable pavers were used in a 75%/25% mix of a blended buff and solid cream color. Combining the two different colors on site required careful consideration of placement to create a harmonious, uniform effect.  

Permeable Pavement Design Manual

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Description: Maintain cutting edge knowledge by putting the latest industry-consensus guide to permeable pavements at your fingertips. Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements—Design, Specification, Construction, Maintenance (4th Edition) has been completely revised for 2012. Plus, at 90 pages, it’s fifty percent bigger than the previous edition. It includes 60 color illustrations, figures and tables, drawing on a wealth of current permeable pavement research on stormwater management, structural design, and performance. It’s a must-have for design professionals, as well as for agency staff with responsibilities for stormwater, transportation or parking. Permeable pavement is being widely adopted as a proven “green” infrastructure that mitigates a variety of sustainability concerns. This publication has been popular since it was first published in 2000—but permeable pavement knowledge has never been more in demand than today.  ISBN 978-1-4507-8440 -5 Visit the online bookstore for more information!