Atkinson Barn

2018 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver Residential - Size More than 3,000 sf

Contractor: Heath Landscaping
Manufactuer: Eagle Bay Hardscapes

The client wanted everything to flow well, so rather than using sand to fill the gaps between the pavers and the natural stone, each paver was ground to fit perfectly. The result is a seamless transition between natural elements and pavers.

The quality-over-quantity approach helps show that craftsmanship is extremely important. It sets this project apart and shows the client that a certain level of care is ensured. This project was completed using Chatham Natural, Chatham XL, BrikStone and EssexStone.

The homeowner owns and frequently uses a lot of heavy equipment, so the foundation of the paver system was given much attention. There are 8-12 inches of base, focused on durability. This outdoor area was EssexStone in the Bull Run color.

The homeowners have plans for an outdoor kitchen made entirely of natural stone, so this project has been completed in phases. The custom-shaping of the pavers made the installation process tedious.