Aviator Court

2018 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver Residential - Size Less than 3,000 sf

Contractor: The Sharper Edge Landscaping
Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation
Designer: Paul Bowker

Four different styles of pavers and creative color combinations were used in this residential patio to separate areas and to create a distinctive feel for each space. A combination of modular shaped pavers and paving stones that simulate flagstone aesthetics were combined, creating a unique presentation.  

With varying features incorporated throughout the space, fitting each unit into place was a challenge only overcome with precise planning and execution: bullnose pavers were cut to fit the seat wall, fireplace and stair corners, while the flagstone style pavers were cut to fit the square parameters of their area.

Retaining wall units were used to create several functional features and add elevation. Situated against the house, a raised patio with an outdoor kitchen was built with retaining wall units. The same units were used to build stairs leading up to this area, a fireplace and a seating area.

Bullnose pavers were used multiple ways to add functional value and aesthetic appeal. The seat wall near the fireplace is capped with rounded bullnose pavers for guest comfort. They form stair step treads for clear visibility and sure footing, and they form a creative accent course in the large wall.

This patio maximized available space to offer everything the homeowners desired for their outdoor living area: a place to relax, cook, enjoy a fire and unwind in a hot tub. The exceptional colors and styles of pavers adds to the character, and the excellent craftsmanship makes this a special retreat.