CareOne Courtyard

2018 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Combination of Hardscape Products Commercial

Contractor: Monello Landscape Industries, LLC
Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc
Designer: Joe Monello

The design featured ADA compliant sensory gardens and bistro tables for the residents. Additionally, an outdoor kitchen with a television and audio and lighting system was installed. Monello also incorporated two water features and different textured pavers along with pergolas, seat walls and a custom company logo.

The entire courtyard was installed to ICPI and NCMA guidelines.  Monello also coordinated with multiple trades and specialists for their insight and knowledge of specific installation practices.

Monello decided to incorporate two different pavers, smooth pavers for wheelchairs and textures pavers for designated areas (kitchens, seating areas, sensory gardens). Raised planters at ADA height, featuring a centered three core-drilled basalt stones. Includes inlay and a color-complimented border.

The outdoor kitchen has a lowered granite section specifically for residents in wheelchairs.  This section of the kitchen is also mirrored by the Techo Bloc Villagio paver border around this inlay. Additionally, the company extended the pergola runners to create more shade for the people sitting at the kitchen. 

This featured area of the courtyard is located under a massive pergola.  The central water feature creates a serene sitting environment and serves as an oasis in the center of this enclosed courtyard complete with the sounds of running water, beautiful plantings, and complementing lights.