Church Mutual

Church Mutual

2017 HNA Awards Winner - Combination of Hardscape Products - Commercial - Size less than 20,000 sf

Contractor: PICS Inc.
Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation

After renting a new office space in a former Wal-Mart building, this business owner wanted an impressive outdoor area for his employees’ to enjoy. Since this building was a rented space, there were several unique challenges brought to the project’s design and installation. Namely, the building’s property could not be physically altered. In addition, the business owner wanted the option to take anything invested into the building to a new location if they ever moved.

To overcome these challenges, the patio project was carefully designed and constructed to integrate on top of an existing concrete slab. While the slab defined the size of the project, it also presented other challenges: the ground could not be dug up to create a foundation for pavers and retaining walls. To solve this, the contractor mortared the retaining wall into place on top of the concrete slab. Each wall unit was individually leveled then mortars because of the slab’s uneven surface.

Meeting the owner’s need of creating a relaxing space for employees was met with the expansive application of pavers surrounded by tall retaining walls to block the sound of passing traffic.  An outdoor grill and kitchen area doubles as an ideal spot for work celebrations or to take a lunch break.