Community First

2018 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver Permeable

Contractor: Aqua-Paving
Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation
Designer: Ryan Bakke

These permeable concrete pavers are manufactured to accommodate machine installation. Each layer arrives on the pallet in a pre-arranged pattern, which can immediately be picked up and placed. This pattern creates a unique aesthetic throughout, and their blended red colors create a subtle, complimentary foreground for this new headquarters building.

This 31,000 sq. ft. parking lot appears to effortlessly follow the curvature of the pond and outside perimeter of the building. In reality each outer edge paver was carefully cut to fit into place.

The permeable concrete pavers on this project are manufactured with extra-wide joints, made possible with larger than average lugs. This allows for one of the highest infiltration rates for a permeable paver system in the industry. An ADA compliance paver was installed on pathways and handicap parking spaces.

Mechanical installation allowed for the parking lot to be completed in exactly one week, which included a day and a half of grading and setting base aggregates. If the pavers were conventionally laid by hand, the timeframe may likely have been extended to two months.

The permeable paver system not only met but exceeded many of the sustainability benefits desired by the business. In addition, the pavers provide the eye-catching look the credit union wanted to offer their members.