Driveway, Entryway and Airplane Pool Deck

2018 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver Residential - Size More than 3,000 sf

Contractor: Go Pavers
Manufacturer: Orco
Designer: Aaron Barnes

The homeowner wanted to create a luxurious outdoor space. A one-of-a-kind design, the company combined Orco Villa stones and arranged them in a random pattern to create the outline of a small airplane which accents the shape of the swimming pool. The subtle earthy tones of the stones together create the perfect contrast between the rich blue of the pool water and green tones of the artificial turf installation.

What truly takes this design to the next level is the propeller design that was created using Holland stone in Charcoal. The company had the idea of creating a "starburst" effect with the colors, where the dark grey bursts into the a lighter brown (Chateau). To create the symmetrical, rounded shape the company used high end cutting machines to precisely cut each and every edge stone, ensuring they all lay perfectly together.

The company also installed red, green and white lights into the system which are reminiscent to the tail lights on a real airplane to create the some of the final touches. Despite being the statement design, the company  tied in an alternating runner border in the Manor colorway to truly tie in the pool to the rest of the yard. By incorporating different elements of the back patio, such as the turf, water and overall shape, the company was able to accent the homeowner's front driveway as well.

Approximately 3,700 square feet in total, the company combined Orco Villa with Orco Antique Cobble Circle to create an open, welcoming entrance to a lovely home. The company took advantage of the naturally rounded edges of the home and created accents with the circle kit and border detail near an existing water fountain.

Similar to the "starburst" effect on the plane propeller, this was replicated on the each circle kit on the front entryway. The artificial turf border around the fountain paired with the Antique Cobble circle kit truly make this piece stand out.