Emile Court Residence

Emile Court Residence

2017 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver Permeable - Residential

Contractor: Shawano Lawn and Stone
Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation
Designer: Shawano Lawn and Stone

The homeowners looked to concrete pavers for their durability, however, local county zoning requirements mandated there could not be any impermeable surfaces within 100’ of the shoreline. After exploring several options, they learned about the possibilities a permeable paver system could offer.

The homeowner wanted the new patio to have a clean modern look to match the feel of the home’s recently remodeled interior. To meet this look they selected a solid white colored Holland paver with a solid gray paver for a border, both of which the homeowner considered had a clean and sleek appearance. The white pavers were laid in a herringbone pattern. The circular shaped patio and curved pathways were a challenge because the design required accurate measurements and careful cutting on many pavers.

Properly integrating the system with the site was a major, yet important challenge to effectively prevent runoff and protect the lake’s water quality. Special design consideration was given to the selection and installation of base materials to ensure the system would properly capture and filter storm water.