Firelane Road Residence

Menasha ,

Set back only 90 feet from Lake Winnebago, this home must comply with DNR regulations requiring permeable surfaces on paved areas of waterfront properties. They looked for a contractor with experience installing permeable pavers.

Three sizes of permeable pavers were used in a 75%/25% mix of a blended buff and solid cream color. Combining the two different colors on site required careful consideration of placement to create a harmonious, uniform effect.  

The 4”x8” size was used to create an eye-catching double border with dark brown sailor course on the inside, edged with a soldier course of the same cream color used in the drive.

A matching walkway defines the entryway. Limestone boulders provide a decorative accent that helps transition the hardscape with the surrounding areas.

The project’s storm water filtering capacity and proper drainage were primary concerns. The crew had to excavate a deeper base to create a clear stone reservoir to filter storm water. The base layers included 12” of 2-3 inch clear stone on the bottom, topped with 12” of ¾ clear stone, and a final additional inch of smaller clear stone gravel on top. No fines were included in order to facilitate drainage. The crew also installed a drain tile system.

The narrow one lane, two-way road presented challenges during construction to keep traffic disruption to a minimum.


Concrete Paver- Permeable- Residential Award Winner