Firstenburg Community Center

Firstenburg Community Center

2017 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver Permeable - Commercial

Contractor: Eastern States Paving
Manufacturer: Williamette Graystone
Designer: Robertson Engineering, PC

Permeable pavers met all of the challenging design criteria when engineers needed to come up with a plan to replace 45,000 sq ft of failed pervious concrete at Firstenburg Community Center, Vancouver WA. First and foremost the community center needed to remain open for business during construction in order to serve the nineteen-hundred daily visitors and members. The community center had a single entrance and no temporary parking space. Parking spaces and drive lanes throughout the parking lot needed to be accessible immediately after paving.

To address the challenge of accommodating public vehicular traffic at the entrance onto the property, a grade beam was constructed down the center of the two-way traffic entrance. The grade beam served as a permanent edge restraint, allowing the contractor to install pavers on one traffic lane while leaving the remaining lane open for public access. As soon as the first lane received pavers, vehicles were permitted to use the new lane of pavers and construction continued on the remaining lane.  This efficient construction sequence and immediate pavement use in vehicular applications is only possible with interlocking concrete paver pavement.