2017 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Combination of Hardscape Products - Residential - Size more than 4,000 sf

Contractor: Anewalt's Landscape Contracting
Manufacturer: EP Henry
Designer: John Shandra, ELA

The home is set in a valley alongside a pond and stream.  Retaining walls capture the space between the house and stream where a series of outdoor rooms allow for groups small to large and provide circulation around the house. Smaller groups gather in three main areas: the lounge area with seating around a firepit and table and chairs for dining, a separate dining area with large table and chairs, and the pool area with raised spa and spillway.

While these spaces function well individually for smaller groups the whole space works as one outdoor entertaining area easily accommodating large groups of family and friends. The low retaining walls are visual and architectural extensions of the house that help define the individual rooms. Material selection takes cues from the house. The angled layout compliments those of the house and allows the spaces to extend organically. It was important that views from the house into the surrounding landscape and woodland beyond are captured and framed. Plantings help separate the living spaces and soften the hardscape. The most important view is the vista across the entire space toward the pond and beyond. Each garden room steps down from the house toward the pond providing unobstructed views. Looking from the surrounding landscape toward the house the retaining walls and patio spaces reflect the linear aspect of the house and ground and scale the house.