Foutch Residence

Foutch Residence

2017 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver - Residential - Size less than 3,000 sf

Contractor: Paver Designs LLC
Manufacturer: Belgard
Designer: Paver Designs LLC

The homeowners were looking to create a space that will allow large groups of guests and family to congregate and relax.  A multi-level design was created that cut further into a hillside that sloped towards the house allowing for more usable space. 

Circular planters were created to finish off the seat walls to allow for more green space.  A large fire boulder along with a pebble mosaic reflective wall was created to form a one-of-a-kind fire feature.  An outdoor kitchen, including a grill and refrigerator, was created to fulfill the homeowner's cooking needs.  LED lighting was installed throughout to create a warm inviting space at night. 

Paver Designs was given an open canvas by the homeowners to come up with an inlay that would fit the space.  The inlay was drawn onto the field of pavers with chalk.  Once both parties were satisfied, the design was cut into the patio. The colors selected for both the border and the inlays were picked to mimic the color of the trim and intricate woodwork on the home.