Greeney Residence

2018 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver Permeable

Contractor: Sequoia Stonescapes
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: Drake's 7 Dees Landscaping

Eco-Panorama Demi pavers, in a tri-color blend, perfectly complement this home’s exterior. Contrasting color paver bands artfully define the driveway and courtyard.  The use of the same pavers in the walkway and courtyard created design continuity and flow.  Paver color and texture enhance and seamlessly integrate with an adjacent natural stone retaining wall.

Expert workmanship is showcased via smooth pavement elevation transitions and precise paver trim cuts.  This quality Eco-Panorama Demi paver install ensured the homeowner’s stormwater drainage issues were addressed in a manner that enhanced the beauty of their home.

The existing storm drain inlets were retained and work in conjunction with installed Eco-Panorama Demi permeable pavers.  The pavers also achieve visual harmonization with the adjacent natural stone wall, which was a project requirement.  

This home is positioned at the lower end of a 200ft long drive that drops sixteen feet in elevation from the street entrance. Impervious concrete was replaced with PICP to manage 80,700 gallons of rainwater the pavement receives annually. The PICP improvement eliminated concerns over flooding in the home and garage. The 3500 SF pavement includes a courtyard and vehicle turnaround.

Despite thirty-seven inches of annual rainfall, these homeowners will rest assured their property is protected from rainwater runoff. Keystone Hardscapes’ Eco-Panorama permeable pavers provide improved stormwater management and elevated property value.  Stormwater controls critical to the project were achieved and aesthetic beauty was significantly enhanced.