The Hollywood Driveway

Los Angeles ,

The project involved installing a pavers driveway hardscape for a house located on a hillside. A flat top textured pavers design was installed in the driveway, giving the project a modern, contemporary look - exactly what the homeowners desired. The Timber Top design of the pavers used emulates the look of wooden planks, giving projects the appearance of wood flooring. Grey/charcoal colored pavers were chosen, best fitting the aesthetic of a driveway. The pattern used for the project was “Random Runner,” meaning the pavers are laid side-by-side in a linear pattern. This pattern gives projects the appearance and feeling of being more spacious. The total size of the installation was 2450 square feet. The home was located on a hill, so the driveway was at a sloped angle. This meant the project posed a couple of challenges. The first challenge was the delivery of materials to the project’s location at the top of the hill, which we solved by utilizing more manpower. However, the house was located on a narrow street, so we had to make multiple deliveries using smaller trucks. Time and energy was saved by carefully planning out delivery logistics. Thanks to our planning and project team efficiency, the project was completed in less than a week. Our success was largely due to the excellence of our project managers. All of our project managers are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavers Institute. Our dedication to craftsmanship means our project managers not only meet, but exceed the ICPI’s quality standards. The result was a pavers installation of the highest quality, thanks to our commitment to excellence and the innovative practices used to address the specific challenges of the project.

2015 HNA Award Winner- Concrete Paver- Residential- Size Less than 3,000 sf