Levy Park

2018 HNA Awards Honorable Mention - Concrete Paver Commercial - Size More than 15,000 sf

Contractor: B&D Contractors Inc.
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: OJB Landscape Architects

Once modest and tucked away off a dead end road, Levy Park received a revitalization to re-engage the local community.  CityStone, Holland, Roman Cobble and Verona pavers were chosen in the design to help separate different areas of the park, add a sense of playfulness and accentuate natural features. 

The transformation included native landscaping, interactive water features, a dog park, garden, park pavilion and children’s play area.  Pavers helped create and define each of these spaces through use of colors, shapes and inlay patterns.  Variegated and whimsical paver patterns invoke a sense of spirited movement and fun.  

The use of multiple paver shapes, colors, and upgraded textures added depth and beauty to this cunningly conceived urban space, by accenting native grass areas and designating different park sections.  The central grand walkways gracefully arc throughout the space with large plank style pavers, creating a modern boardwalk feel. 

Recognizing the park’s development history dating back to 1941, incorporating new design elements while maintaining original aspects was important to the redesign.  The chosen pavers were able to integrate with the longstanding historical elements, while adding an artful refresh to the park. 

A local resident stated, “This is hands down the most gorgeous and well-designed park I’ve ever seen.  I fell in love the second I stepped foot into it.”   Through thoughtful design and paver choices utilizing different shapes, colors and textures, Levy Park is now a community hot spot.