MEGA Snake and Ladder Paver Project

AlFalah School
Abu Dhabi

The MEGA Snake and Ladder Paver project serves as a center piece for a play area at a primary school located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This school will accommodate approximately 4,000 students and is a model for many schools now in the educational pipeline. The requirement for this project was to provide a lively and colorful environment for children utilizing the play area and further act as the starting point to the possibilities of designing other enlarged board games carved in pavers. This project further extends beyond the snake and ladder game to a general play area covered with stretched fabric that reflect the underlying theme of this paver installation. Perhaps one of the more complicated commercial projects delivered by DUCON, the MEGA snake and ladder paver project was designed with the intention to push the boundaries of DUCON’s design with pavers through the inclusion of numerous shapes and curves overlapping an absolute cubical structure. The selection of snakes and the associated colors were further chosen to highlight the various attributes of this design and associate detail of the job. Ducon is pleased to have delivered the complete project with its in-house resources, initiating with the production of the pavers, to the design and finally the supervision and installation.

2015 HNA Award Winner - Concrete Paver- Commercial Size More than 15,000 sf