Old Town Oasis

2018 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver - Residential (size less than 3,000 sf)

Contractor: Lindgren Landscape
Manufacturer: Belgard
Designer: Tim Lindgren

The contractor wanted the horizontal surfaces to compliment all the stonework.  A Belgard paver was chosen that had rounded edges to soften the feel as well as a color that would blend nicely without drawing attention.  The majority of this site was covered with pavers so the contractor wanted to add some details like circle patterns, flowing lines and different paver colors to break up the monotony of all the pavers.

All of the pavers have been installed above ICPI guidelines and all the foremen who worked on this site were ICPI Certified Installers.  The base material is 6” with a geofabric installed beneath in all pedestrian areas and 12” in the driveway.  All joints have been filled with polymeric sand, and a sealer has been installed.

The pavers blend nicely with all surrounding hardscape and landscape.  The contractor used many boulders throughout the patios.  The boulders were installed on compacted base and the pavers were cut precisely around each boulder and hardscape feature.  

Two sides of the house are surrounded with courtyard walls, so drainage was complex.  The contractor designed the drainage to handle 100 year flood which required a large custom trench drain that we covered with an Old Age decorative grate.  Several curb-cuts had to be installed to pipe downspouts and catch basins past the city sidewalk and into the street.

The project came with a high degree of difficulty and customization.  The contractor designed and fabricated all the hardware for the different features, including customized concrete slabs for the water feature.  The limited access and multiple subs made design, planning, budgeting, and coordination very important and we executed well.