Southlands Mall

2018 HNA Awards Winner - Concrete Paver - Commercial [Size More than 15,000 sf]

Contractor: Continental Hardscape Systems LLC
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes
Designer: Studio Insite

Pavers in a mix of rich colors, textures and sizes were combined to refresh and revitalize the Southlands outdoor mall. The CityStone 6x12” paver was the anchor for the project while 6x6” and larger plank pavers intermixed to add visual impact. Both Standard and Shot Blast finishes contributed subtle texture variations.

This project resides in a premier outdoor shopping area. Due to the area’s popularity, combined with the effects of snow and de-icing chemicals, Keystone Hardscapes decided to conform to superior performance requirements, providing pavers with an average 10,000 psi and 4% absorption.). A post-installation sealer was also utilized to improve longevity. T

The designer decided to keep the existing 6x12” unit module and running bond pattern, to uphold the modern pedestrian scale of used originally. Southland's buildings consisted primarily of red and buff brick, so aligning the color palette was instrumental to the design. Several tones of complementing custom tans and browns were also used.

The intent was to emulate much of the original design but also enhance it through the addition of custom color blends and the introduction of a large scale compass. The compass both complements the paver field and provides a dynamic focal point, and includes a "jumping" water feature for children and their families to enjoy.

The ability to utilize high quality concrete pavers with custom color blends was instrumental to the project’s design and success.  “Creating a context sensitive and modern update, while working with a product that allowed us to do that, was exactly what we had envisioned,” said Chris Sutterfield, Project Designer.